Drummer Dave Durdov entered a Champaign Illinois college party as a stranger when he happened upon Tony Maguire and Brian Gillham jamming together on acoustic guitars.  Intrigued by the unfamiliar songs the duo was performing, Durdov had to inquire who they were 'covering'.  His question remained unanswered until the three were able to regroup in their hometown of Chicago years later to form the beginningss of Farkus.  The final piece of the puzzle, Kevin Coyne, was no stranger to the band.  However, Maguire and Gillham were unaware that since they last saw Coyne in high school he was busy honing his musical talent by touring Europe as a bass player.  Today Farkus has a catalogue of material, and have released their first record 'Thought You Should Know' which includes "Windsor Noose", the very first Farkus song Durdov heard that night in Champaign.


"Farkus shows two very distinct sides on Thought You Should Know. One is the compelling, thoughtful singer-songwriter; the other is the big, arena rock star band with impressive hooks, strong melodies and a sense of pop timing. Both hearts beat within this band..."  Wildy's World Review


Band Members

Tony Maguire:  Vocals/Guitar

Brian Gillham:  Guitar/Vocals

Kevin Coyne:  Bass

Dave Durdov:  Drums

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